Level up

Our Team of Sourcing Experts Works as a Specialized Extension of Your Team on a Subscription-Based Model


Your Benefits

Save Time

Perform faster and impress with high-quality service at the same time.We will take care of the research routine for you and do our best to fill all missing gaps. Hire us for your next project and enjoy the results.

Boost Volume

You will receive qualified candidates on a continuous basis and hire in the most efficient way.Our team appreciates each client and considers all the demands throughout our cooperation.

Reduce Costs

Get the financial profitability benefits from the savings.  We optimize the negotiation process and look for the best quotations. You will get a lot of different variants that can meet your demands.


  • How can I make a deal with your team?

    Click the Contact us button and fill in the form below. We will get in touch with you shortly to clarify all the details.

  • How much does your service cost?

    We offer Sourcing-as-a-Service for $2000 per month. You can get more details in the Pricing section.

  • Do you guarantee good results?

    We will assign a dedicated and experienced research team to find all the candidates that fit all requirements, get their contact information, and get that to our client in a form of a list. To make sure we deliver, our research is being done manually, while our research managers check the quality of data every day.

  • Can I get a consultation with your specialist beforehand?

    Sure, you should fill in the contact form below or email us at .moc.hsanffats%40rh



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