STAFF NASHWhite Label Recruiting

"Recruitment for Recruiters"White Label Recruitment and Executive Search agency that will find your candidates, reach out, prequalify them while staying at the back of your relationship with the client

What makes Staff Nash agency special?

    We do both sourcing and recruitment on your behalf under Non-Compete and NDA agreements
    We have offices in Europe, which allows us to be aggressive on pricing, while over-delivering
    Doing sourcing and recruitment as a business allows us to do that faster, cheaper and at a higher volume


Recruitment professionals don't have to spend their time on a research routine, as that can be done by a team overseas. We'll find all the candidates that fit your criteria, no matter how hard it is. Even if you have a dozen of good-fit candidates in the whole nation - we'll find them, get all the information you need, and will provide you with a list.


Candidates outreach

For recruitment professionals that have a high volume of vacancies they are working on, we are able to both find candidates and reach out to them. Our recruiter is going to reach out via email, Linkedin, phone, and other channels, with the main goal to start the conversation, get the CV, and pass the candidate over to our client.



For our clients that are constantly snowed under with interviews, we are able to both find their candidates, reach out to them, get their CV and run a pre-qualification interview. We'll gather all the information you need about the candidate, to make sure we only pass over ones that are the best fit and worth your time.

Our Philosophy


Growing a recruitment business is extremely hard - you have to both maintain a high workload to acquire new customers, and over-deliver to keep the old ones.
We believe there is no reason for each team member to wear a dozen of hats, and your recruiters should be focused on what they do best - interviews and communication with your clients. Our team will be able to take care of all the manual tasks.


Regardless of whether you are looking for a sourcing company, a recruiter or a partner for your team - we would be glad to talk and see how we can help.


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