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Finding the right talent is crucial to achieving success.With our extensive experience and expertise in candidate sourcing, executive recruitment, and IT staffing, we are committed to helping you find the right talent to succeed.


What makes Staff Nash agency special?

    With years of experience in the recruitment and IT staffing industry, we possess in-depth knowledge across various sectors.
    We have offices in Europe, which allows us to be aggressive on pricing, while over-delivering.
    Doing sourcing and recruitment as a business allows us to do that faster, cheaper and at a higher volume.
    Our team works as your strategic partner, providing personalized attention and exceptional service. 
    Whether you need to fill permanent positions, contract roles, or executive-level positions, our dedicated team will create customized approaches that align with your business objectives.

Ready to shape your brighter future?

Our team maintains the highest level of professionalism throughout the whole recruiting process.


We deliver all kind of services providing top-notch recruitment and IT staffing solutions.

Unlock a Pool of High-Quality Candidates

Our candidate sourcing services connect you with a diverse pool of candidates.

Use Leadership Excellence by Recruitment

Finding the right executives to lead your organization is critical for recruitment.

Bridge the Gap in Talent through IT Staffing

Having the right IT professionals is crucial for your organization's success. 

Our Philosophy


At Staff Nash, we understand the importance of hiring exceptional professionals who can drive your business forward. As a leading Canadian recruiting company, we offer comprehensive recruitment and sourcing services tailored to meet your specific needs.
We believe there is no reason for each team member to wear a dozen of hats, and your recruiters should be focused on what they do best - interviews and communication with your clients. Our team will be able to take care of all the manual tasks.
Don't settle for mediocre hires or struggle to find skilled IT professionals. Partner with STAFF NASH Recruiting and IT Staffing and gain access to a vast pool of exceptional talent. Contact us today to discuss your recruitment and IT staffing needs and experience the outstanding service as well as the results that await you.

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Let Staff Nash be your trusted partner in acquiring top-tier talent that propels your organization to new heights.



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