Five Common Misconceptions about IT Recruitment

Five Common Misconceptions about IT Recruitment

The IT industry is a constantly developing field and requires strong knowledge and soft skills. There is an avalanche of exciting positions and great candidates for them. Recruiters have an avalanche of options to connect employees and employers due to modern technology. However, the majority of people still have some widespread misconceptions about IT recruitment. If you know the facts surrounding this industry, you can easily avoid rip-offs and costly mistakes. 

Staff Nash is here for you to debunk these myths and give a bit more clear picture of this process. Here we go!

What does IT recruitment stand for?

IT recruiting includes the whole process of finding and hiring candidates in IT companies. Technology is constantly growing and evolving with more people. It has made hiring workers a supreme aspect. Leading companies often need help to identify the right candidates with the right skills. Sometimes it takes an avalanche of time to find employees for all vacancies. Managers want to get professionals to maintain working performance at a high level. In this case, a recruitment agency is a must-have in the modern world. 

Technology recruitment is not only about posting vacancies from IT companies and collecting letters from job seekers. It is about helping people to find their cups of tea and make the technology world better. Experts must be able to evaluate candidates on their technical abilities as well as their years of experience and education. This step requires a thorough understanding of the specific requirements for positions, as well as the landscape of the industry at large. 

Let's dispel the top five myths about IT recruitment!

#1 You can find suitable workers just by surfing ads on the internet.

So, you can notice that recruitment is not a quick process. It is more than just posting a vacancy and waiting for responses. There are a lot of different resources available for deeper research. For example, according to LinkedIn, only 30% of people are looking for a new job. It is much better to get in touch with the remaining 70%. A recruiter should be aware of different channels to find more candidates for numerous positions. 

As you can assume now, hiring employees takes a lot of time and effort. The main idea here is to fill all gaps with proper parts. Sometimes you need to dig deeper and do long research before meeting your team members. 

#2 IT recruiters just select CVs from different candidates.

Advanced recruiting experts will monitor and reach people via numerous channels, collect their CVs, and thoroughly estimate each candidate. If you use recruiting service, you easily get a great database with well-skilled candidates as well as detailed information about them. One of the biggest misconceptions is the statement that a short screening covers all processes of recruiting agencies. A professional recruitment agency will make three steps for you: sourcing, an acceptable job offer, and a counteroffer prevention system. Consequently, the best candidates are hired and you can keep the rest in your ATS if needed.

#3 In-house recruiters will tackle all issues.

Many companies believe that they do not need a recruitment agency as they have in-house recruiters. However, cooperation between in-house and outsourced recruitment agencies is becoming more and more popular. The key secret is in delivering greater results. A professional recruitment agency can help you with filling your vacancies and even training your in-house team to get better at attracting candidates. Hiring new people is a very important aspect for companies of any sizes. The more effort and knowledge you have, the better your product or service is. Maybe, it is high time to think about improving your IT department with the help of fresh and motivated outsourced recruiting experts. 

#4 Nobody takes care of a candidate's interest.

Recruiters work in order to satisfy both employees and employers. Sometimes it takes time to connect proper people with the right positions. All parties should be on the same page and complement each other. The whole process of hiring includes full-cycle recruitment, high-quality mentorship, and a full understanding of the company philosophy.  Recruitment agents will report to employers and give feedback to candidates. They are usually available 24/7 for questions and inquiries. You can keep in touch with them in case of some worries or doubts. It can be really helpful to develop yourself and become a senior. Recruiter-candidate relationships work best when both are transparent.

#5 The white-label recruiting agency is a waste of money.

IT recruiting has already developed a lot and it still continues to grow. White-label recruiting agencies have come to the market in order to help with creating the best conditions for recruiters, employers as well as employees. There are two main options: sourcing and recruiting. It is a great idea to take your recruiting agency to the next level. Your recruitment professionals do not have to spend their time on a research routine anymore. Agents from the white-label recruiting agency can provide service on your behalf under non-compete and NDA agreements. As a result, you get your tasks done faster, cheaper, and at a higher volume. 


So, IT recruiting is an absolutely exciting and supreme process. It includes several steps from getting the vacancy to hiring a candidate. If you are aware of recruiting basis and its misconceptions, you will provide much better service. There are many great juniors and middle and senior workers who seek new experience. 

The Staff Nash term is pretty sure that everybody will find themself happy in the best positions as our experts help recruiters to find the best candidates globally. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!